H2O Tracker ®

Does it take more water to take a bath or wash a car?
Do you use more water than the average Joe?
Can you save up to $200 on your water bill each year?

Take the H2O Tracker quiz and find out!

H2O Tracker is a water conservation game that helps you estimate water use in and around your house so you can conserve, save money and earn points toward prizes! Track your water use and score!


  • See gallons used in everyday activities such as taking a shower or watering your lawn
  • Earn points toward prizes just by taking the quiz and answering water trivia questions
  • See total water usage in gallons and dollars
  • Compare your usage to others living in the same area
  • Get tips to help you reduce your consumption
  • Get promotions & offers from your local water district
  • Earn more points by conserving and then updating quiz answers

Drought Update:

What’s new in the H2O Tracker drought update? Great tools to help residents understand a drought and become more efficient with their water use!

For instance, want to know exactly how long to run your sprinklers for your trees and shrubs so they thrive during a drought? H2O Tracker will show you how many minutes to water per sprinkler head type!

Is someone letting water run down the street? Let your city know! You can even take a picture and send it along with your report.

Want to know the dos and don'ts during a drought? H2O Tracker will help you know exactly what restrictions are in place for each drought stage. It will also help you learn about snowpack and reservoir levels and why they are critical to our drinking supply.

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H2O Tracker is an app developed by Halperin Creative, LLC. It is meant to be used as a guide for water awareness and conservation. Calculations are approximations and display relative use as compared to average households.

For any questions or feedback, please contact Frani Halperin, Chief eMagination Officer at: [email protected]